Improve your Game

Improve your swing and the important areas of the game to be confident when you play – 6 x 30 Minute Lessons – £135.00

1 on 1 sessions delivered by head Professional Leo Tarrant. The program consists of 6 x 30 minute sessions of Instruction for the golfer who wants to build their strengths, improve their weaknesses and a practice to enjoy your Golf a lot more when you play.

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Read the outline of the ‘Your Golf Game’ course below with a full itinerary of everything you will learn and cover during the course. The sessions can be booked at your convenience to offer you time to work and practice in-between the sessions.

The Results you’ll see…
• Understanding your game, what are your strengths and how to fix your faults.
• Know your shot patterns and what you need to do to be able to reproduce this consistently when you play.
• Learn your numbers… How far do you hit the ball with all your clubs, are there any gaps, are 2 clubs doing the same job, do some work inconsistently to be taken out of the bag, we’ll build a chart especially for YOU!
• Positive psychology to be more confident in your ability when you play.
• Working through all the important shots & principles of the game to strengthen up everything to deliver better scores on the course.
• PGA Professional Instruction, Training Aids and Drills and will help you have a better understanding of ‘You & your Game’

The proposed Itinerary

Session 1 – Analysis of your game & our Plan
Using the first session to go through all the important shots in a round to identify your strengths and weaknesses, in playing the shot and your swing to build a plan!

Session 2 – Your Swing
We’ll work on the route cause of your fault, this can often lead to a few more things going wrongs as compensations for the original error but working on the cause will get us the best results!

Session 3 – Short Game
The Short Game is one of the most important area’s of the game so one session will be spent sharpening up yours to deliver more birdies and pars in your rounds.

Session 4 – Playing from the Fairway
Woking on the areas of your swing I’ve already identified we’ll apply this session to striking the ball off the fairway consistently to cover the distance and deliver some consistency in the direction to hit more greens when you play.

Session 5 – Hitting the Fairway off the tee
Playing your 2nd shot form the fairway really increases your confidence and scoring potential when you play. We’ll work on your set up and swing technique and when to use and not to use the Driver when you play.

Session 6 – Your Swing & finalising the forward plan to keep improving
After working through the principles you need to improve throughout your whole game we’ll return here to see your progress and the best path to follow to keep on improving. Building plan of practice and summarising the most important points so you can continue your improvement.

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