Worcester Ladies Golf Academy

I’ll do everything I can so you enjoy learning golf, whatever your golfing ability or aspirations. If you are just learning for fun or would like to move towards playing confidently (it doesn’t take long) I’m here to help you. You’ll meet new friends, keep fit, enjoy the outdoors and build your confidence in enjoying the facilities and playing golf here. You’ll start to see that enjoying Golf has nothing to do with being really good, in my experience Ladies enjoy many more of the finer things about playing Golf than men do!”

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have been playing golf for many years, I’ve got the ideal group for you! A Fun & laid back approach that will help you learn, improve and play golf in a relaxed setting while meeting new friends while building your confidence to start playing, the group lessons involve learning on the course too (One of the best things is seeing other Golfers are not as good as they’ve always led you to believe!)

Ladies generally love Golf but the games traditional approach has often made it unnecessarily intimidating. Ravenmeadow have developed the facilities to welcome anyone wishing to start, you don’t need any clothes or clubs, just a desire to give it a go.

My Aim at the Worcester Ladies Golf Academy is to introduce more ladies to the game of golf and actually playing golf, a sport that can bring many years of enjoyment, help keep you fit and help you make new friends that’ll burn around 10,000 calories per round!

Whatever your age or ability I can help you. Whether you want to take up golf as a hobby or learn how to use it to grow your social circle. You don’t need any equipment to get started, we have everything you need.

The focus of the coaching is to use the Driving range, grass areas and play on the Golf course to make your learning very realistic to what you’ll encounter when playing on the course. It’ll involve learning new skills, playing games and practicing them so you’re soon feeling confident to start playing golf.

We are not regimented with times so you get to choose which ladies golf lesson you want to attend and there are numerous options available to you in the Summer months. In the Winter months when losing the evening light the sessions are held on a Thursday morning.

The Coaching Costs
Ladies Golf group coaching at Ravenmeadow Golf Centre offers some flexibility in how you pay and attend the sessions. I understand that everyone can’t come every week so there are 2 different packages that add some flexibility to how you attend and pay.

Ladies golf coaching sessions can be paid for monthly allowing you to attend each week which cost £36 per month. Or you can buy a pass that allows you access to 4 classes at any time with no expiry and this can be purchased for £40 and used 4 times until it expires and you can repurchase another if this method suits you.

Ladies Golf Coaching Groups
October – March 2020

Every Tuesday 5-6pm – Till the end of October

Every Thursday 10-11am

Lessons take place at Ravenmeadow Golf Centre & Driving Range, Claines, Worcester, WR3 8SA

Whether you’re a complete beginner, had a go in the past or even have a handicap, we can take you to the next level. To ensure that everyone gets the most from their sessions, rest assured that we will put you alongside women of a similar ability.

The good news is, you don’t need to invest in any golf gear to get started. To keep you practicing we will loan you a Ladies Club and provide all you need in the lesson each week. In terms of what to wear, just come along in comfortable/sensible clothing and footwear.

Through the year Leo will take you through all the parts of the game such as – The Setup, hitting irons, using the driver, chipping, putting, equipment, rules & etiquette, and any other questions you have about the game will be looked at and answered.

For any further inquiries or information please contact Leo;

email Leo at leo@leotarrantgolf.com
Contact Leo on his mobile 07912478795