• Golf is a great game for all the Family

Golf is the perfect game for families, Mums, dads, children and grandparents can all play together with Worcester Family Golf Lessons and have a great time on the course and with the social life at the club. As well as having fun in the fresh air, golf will help keep you all active, fit & healthy

Worcester Family Golf Lessons – Learnt to play Golf together this year!

Worcester Family Golf Lessons – Go from beginners to the Golf course in 5 weeks!

Worcester Family Golf Lessons give your family the opportunity to enjoy the fun of Golf and the beautiful countryside together. Because of different tees and the handicap system, the game is fair and anyone can compete against any level, which means each day is a new adventure. Golf is a fantastic game that can be played with the whole family.

I’ve designed Worcester Family Golf Lessons coaching clinics so you all have fun, playing games & learning all the important principles. This will get the whole family ready to enjoy some time together playing on the Golf course. Being outdoors, walking in the fresh air and spending quality time together is one of the greatest assets of golf. As well as having fu in the fresh air, golf will help keep you all active, fit and healthy.

My 4 week Group Family Golf Lesson Package Includes….

4 x 1hr Golf Lessons
Worcester Family Golf Lessons will cover all the basics of the game and the shots you need to get around the Golf Course. Using the outdoors with realistic playing surfaces & learning will be based around playing games and having great fun learning Golf together as a family. I’ve set this out so Adults and Children can learn together and I’ll provide all the equipment, range balls & coaching. All you need to do is come along in comfortable clothing and we’re ready to get started.

1 hr playing lesson on the Golf course
Following on from learning all the basic principles of the game we’ll go out on the golf course together to put all your new found knowledge and confidence into playing the game as a family. This will set you up to be able to practice Golf as a family and go out on the Golf course together having great fun playing the game too.

For more information on Worcester Family Golf Lessons, please call Leo on 07912478795 or call the pro shop on 01905 757525 or email leo@leotarrantgolf.com

Here’s a few reasons why…..

Game for the whole family
Golf is one of the few games the whole family can play together regardless of age, fitness, background or experience. The unique handicapping  system means family members of different abilities can play together socially. Golf isn’t just about completing 18-holes, 9-holes is a great way for the family to spend a couple of hours in half the time. There are also many different formats to keep everyone interested, the younger Children and Adults could start the hole from closer to the green when getting started to make everything easier to achieve.

Spend time together
With time to talk between shots and the huge amount of fun involved in playing, golf is a perfect way for the family to spend quality time together. You’ll have something in common that will unite absolutely everybody in the family giving you all something to chat about and look forward to – TOGETHER!

Outdoors and active
Playing golf takes you out into some beautiful, natural landscapes and encourages the whole family to get moving. It’s a great way to get off the sofa, get active and take a stress-free break from email, phone and facebook.

Learn new skills
Golf helps develop lifelong skills beyond simply hitting a ball into the hole. These include working with and respecting others, leadership, listening and commitment. Learning something new is also great for keeping your brain healthy and your wellbeing on track.

Activity for the weekend or holidays
When you play golf, you’ll never be short of something to do with the family. No more “We’re bored” the whole family can meet together, catch up with news and have a great time. What’s not to like!