• The Service

The Golf Academy at Ravenmeadow is available to all golfers of all abilities & complete beginners. You will receive personalised one-to-one tuition, you will enjoy the coaching & Leo uses simple language & techniques tailored to you so you really progress. Leo uses the latest technology in golf and includes video analysis to make everything clear to see, feel and understand. All videos & lesson notes with a practice plan for the week ahead will be uploaded to your private webpage following the session as a reminder and to allow you to focus on reaching your goals.

Stage 1 – Identifying your Goal

We will start the session with a conversation on what you would like to achieve and what your short and long term goals are for playing and improving your golf.

Stage 2 – The Coaching Session

We will have our session within the relevant practice area to achieve our goals. We will use the realistic surfaces we face playing the course. We will identify the simplest ways for you to improve, learn and achieve our targets. I will use demonstration, explanation and video to make this as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Stage 3 – Coaching notes

Following the session you will have access to a private page within this website thats password protected so you can login to view the lesson notes and videos of everything we’ve achieved on all devices. This will include a summary of our lesson highlighting the areas you will practice to improve. This summary will be your own web page that will be updated after each lesson including the video’s & photography along with simple explanations of everything you felt & achieved. This will build your confidence when practicing so you continue to progress with what you’ve learnt, all the info is accessible anywhere you’re practicing or playing .

Stage 4 – Coaching Videos

The coaching videos in your summary can be viewed with all the movements of yourself and professionals, you can view these in slow motion so you can see what you’re trying to achieve. Watching the improvements you make is really motivational for your practice and improvement.

Stage 5 – Practice & Achievement

At the end of the session we’ll set a plan for any spare time you have to practice so you’ve got some time to build of what you’ve learnt before our next session. The lesson overview email will be a great reminder of what you’ve achieved so you can move quickly towards achieving your goal.