The Art of Scoring

The Short Game Course - 6 x 30 Minute Lessons – £135.00

1 on 1 sessions delivered by head Professional Leo Tarrant. The program consists of 6 x 30 minute sessions of Instruction for the golfer who wants to learn The Art of Scoring and all the skills you need to save so many shots when approaching, getting not to and Putting on the green!

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Read the outline of the Short Game course below with a full itinerary of everything you will learn and cover during the course. The sessions can be booked at your convenience to offer you time to work and practice in-between the sessions.

The Results you’ll see…
• Better understanding of the simple Chipping & Pitching thoughts and technique
• Understand and be able to control the distance of your shots easily when Pitching & Chipping from within 100 yards.
• Understand the meaning of Bounce and how much forgiveness it offers your shots and how easy it is to strike the ball using it properly.
• Learning how to read Greens when chipping & Putting to deliver much more consistency.
• Understanding your Faults, this will only be 1 or 2 things holding you back but great to find out what they are.
• How to Practice Efficiently to build your confidence and deliver consistency.
• PGA Professional Instruction, Training Aids and Drills and will help you have a better understanding of the Short Game.

The proposed Itinerary

Session 1 – Chipping
Chipping from beside the green, the technique and the different wedges to use to get up and down when beside the green.

Session 2 – Pitching
How to play from 25 to 100 yards away from the green, what do you do once you are inside a full swing with a wedge. We’ll work out how to control your distance, set up and swing with a good Pitching technique to deliver more Birdies & Pars.

Session 3 – Playing from the fairway or the rough
Using the Pitch & Putt course this will deliver the different lengths of grass we can encounter when beside the green. Whats the best thing to do when longer grass is surrounding your ball or the ideal landing area. Whats best to do from the fairway or when you’ve got a Bunker in the way, this will help grow your confidence to make the right decision when playing beside the green.

Session 4 – Putting
Judging the distance of your first Putt is a huge advantage in 1 or 2 Putting on the green. We’ll build this skill alongside holing out from close range and how to read the green so your 1st Putts is often threatening the hole.

Session 5 – Greenside Bunkers
The set up and swing to deliver success playing from the greenside Bunkers. How to hit the ball higher, have control when it lands on the green and how to play out of some of the trickier lies we can be in when out on the course.

Session 6 – Visualisation
We’ll have a session out on the course to visualise and play the different shots. Do you need to hit the ball lower to keep it under the wind, add more loft so the ball stops quickly when landing or selecting the more forgiving Chip & Run stroke when you’ve got more green to work with. Is the flag actually your intended target when it’s loaded with danger or is there sometimes a safer landing area? We’ll look at and build your skills for making the right choice.

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