You may be worrying…. What if I am not very good? What about the ‘Golf Club’ I don’t know the rules? Will I enjoy it? This is what everyone is feeling when they’re first thinking about playing. But once you come along to Ravenmeadow to feel the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and experience the friendly and informative coaching (and you can borrow everything you need F.O.C) you’ll learn to play and enjoy the great game of golf.

For Beginners the tuition will focus on learning the important aspects of the game starting with set-up and then moving onto the Swing, short-game, playing with the driver and putting. The simple rules of golf will also be covered in our sessions along with assistance on choosing equipment, starting out you’ll be lent everything you need. I will introduce you to the golf course, but the emphasis is on you having real fun playing the game. Range balls during the lesson and any equipment you need to borrow are included in the lesson prices.


My Coaching will help you to refine your technique through increased knowledge and understanding of how your golf swing works. Your improvement and progression are viewed through video coaching and everything is summarised and sent to you by email following our sessions.

I Love to coach everyone and I also focus on those who want to improve for the long term, where we’re working towards a goal. Although most Golfer’s only contact their coach when somethings gone really wrong this isn’t the way for you to really improve.

I’ve designed the Monthly & Annual Packages under the heading below so we can work towards realistic goals, here we’re not just fixing something that’s gone wrong, we’re maintaining your good form and play and continuously working towards your improvement in manageable stages, with coaching and practice plans.

The first 2 monthly lesson plans (Bronze & Silver) are based on a minimum of 12 weeks and then can continue on for as many months as you’d like them too.

1 lesson a month
Ensures you deliver some consistency in what you have already

2 lessons a month
Will show steady improvement

3 or more a month
Will show improvement and the changes will be maintained for the long term

You can see the variety of Individual, Monthly and Lesson Packages below. If you’d like to get in touch and ask me a question give me a call on 07912478795 or get on contact using the form at the bottom of the page.