Playing the Course

Improve your Confidence & Scoring on the course - 6 x 30 Minute Lessons – £135.00

1 on 1 sessions delivered by head Professional Leo Tarrant. The program consists of 6 x 30 minute sessions of Instruction for the golfer who wants to learn The art of playing Golf with confidence to score better on the course.

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Read the outline of the Scoring course below with a full itinerary of everything you will learn and cover during the course. The sessions can be booked at your convenience to offer you time to work and practice in-between the sessions.

The Results you’ll see…
• Understanding your Faults, this will only be 1 or 2 things holding you back but we’ll work on these to improve your consistency.
• Better understanding of how to plan and play the course, even when things look against you the odds can often still be in your favour!
• Play the course and play GOLF, theres a difference between ‘playing’ and ‘working on your swing’. Doing the 2 together when playing often leads to mistakes on the course.
• Positive psychology to stay confident and maintain your Rhythm & Tempo.
• Know when to be aggressive and play smart, sometimes leaving the Driver alone adds more excitement to your score!
• PGA Professional Instruction, Training Aids and Drills and will help you have a better understanding of ‘Playing the Game’

The proposed Itinerary

Session 1 – Analysis of your game & our Plan
What are your strengths and weaknesses? in all the shots and different skills you need to get your ball around the course in the fewest shots possible.

Session 2 – Your Swing & building your Confidence
Working on the single most important area or principle in your set up and swing to use everything else the way you are to deliver much more consistency in the direction and distance of your ball when scoring on the course.

Session 3 – Building your Plan for scoring on the course
How should you approach the Golf course and each hole in the round. This will change depending on the seasons and the format of the game/competition that day but every top quality sportsman or woman plays with a plan to stop the wide variety of emotions during the game letting them down.

Session 4 – How to play from within 50 yards of the green
The Short Game is one of the most important area’s of the game so one session will be spent sharpening up yours to deliver more birdies and pars in your rounds.

Session 5 – The Psychology to scoring well & controlling your distances on the course.
Going out on to the course I’m often met with a really negative description of what my playing partner is expecting to happen. There’s a very true saying “We always do what we can see”. I want you to walk to the tee seeing a clear video of your best ever drive, your Iron shot finishing 4ft away and pin high so then feeling like you’ll roll the ball in for birdie. In my mind this will lead to a Birdie/Par and at worst a Bogie. Seeing the next natural disaster happening as you strike your Drive off the tee will lead to too many 6, 7, 8’s & 9’s!

Session 6 – Your Swing & finalising the forward plan to keep improving
After starting the first 2 sessions of the course on your game we’ll return here to see your progress and the best path to follow to keep on improving. Building plan of practice and summarising the most important points so you can continue your improvement.

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