Online Golf Lessons

What’s Included & How to do it

Record 2 swings of yourself hitting the shots with the type of club needed for the area of the game you’re wishing to improve (If you’re wanting to look at Chipping, Putting or the Driver) or if it’s just set up & swing a 6 or 7 iron will be good. Then send them through to this email link below. Also, please answer the questions below when you send the videos through to me.

Once your swing video’s are received I’ll record a 5 minute screencast. A screencast is a video recording with me talking through the swings you sent through. I’ll offer advice and demonstrate with visual lines and shapes. This screencast will include my voice-over talking you through the improvements, swing drills and things to practice.

Please answer the questions below for your Online Lesson and send it back via email alongside your videos:

What are your long term goals/ambitions?

What would you like to achieve in the next 6 months?

How often do you play on the course?

How often do you practice?

How do you practice? (At the range, at home, on the course)

When was your last lesson? (Or just mention if you’ve never had one)

What were your working on?

What is your most destructive shot?

What part of your game would you like help with the most?

Your current handicap or average score for 9 or 18 holes?

Do you have any Injuries?

You will receive a response with your screencast video on the day or the day after you’ve sent the videos through.

Send the Swing Videos & Answers to;

Follow up Review & Comparison

Anytime up to a month after you’ve received your screencast from me you can send new videos of how your swing now looks with feedback on how you’ve found the changes. I will then send a second screencast, comparing the original videos against the new ones and some advice on how you can continue to improve.