• Meet Leo

Leo uses plain English and video technology so you can see and feel how you will work together to improve your golf. It‘s the Academy’s mission to offer first class coaching at affordable prices, so everyone is welcome to improve their enjoyment playing the game.

Leo Tarrant PGA Golf Professional Worcester

I’m a PGA Golf Professional in Worcester and the Leo Tarrant Golf Academy is located at Ravenmeadow Golf Centre in Worcester. I’ve been a PGA Golf Professional in Worcester for 8 years and around the Country & Europe for over 14 years. I grew up playing golf socially and competitively and I love to share the great time I’ve had playing Golf with everyone that wants to learn or improve.

I’m proud to have an excellent reputation teaching golf and improving golfers of all abilities as a respected PGA Golf Professional in Worcester. I’ve gained my experience from coaching at a variety of clubs in England and Europe. This has allowed me to work with some elite professional coaches but most importantly a wide variety of golfers and I thrive on getting you more enjoyment from your game and my coaching will certainly help you too.

I launched Leo Tarrant Golf at the Ravenmeadow Golf Academy and I specialise in coaching golfers of all abilities. I’m a positive coach that likes to keep things simple and I will help you focus on developing your key strengths in a structured way that makes sense and builds on what you have learnt.

My coaching uses simple methods so you will learn the most important principles of golf to improve your score so you will become a better golfer.