Posture & Rotation
20th January 2019

Struggling with hitting shots left of the target and opening up catching some shots a bit too thin you can see watching the video below that your Posture was the cause of the faults in your swing. Stood too close to the ball with a curved spine angle made it tough to rotate your body properly. Your swing started swinging around you on a flat line and you lost some body height as it became more upright completing your backswing. Approaching the ball your spine angle was then straightening up as you didn’t have enough space to swing through the ball. All of these were the result of being stood too close to the ball taking your Posture.

The swing videos have been combined and posted at the bottom of the page. You on the left of both is from the end of the session with you on the right is from the start.

Stance & Ball Position
Using a mid iron (6 or 7 Iron) a line drawn from the inside of your shoes should pass through the outside of your hips to offer stability but also the right width to rotate back within.

Getting into the proper posture is important for a good body rotation in the golf swing. In general, having the proper posture means bending forwards from your hips with a straight spine and slightly flexed knees. This will automatically position your weight towards the balls of your feet. Your arms will hang down from your shoulders to be pretty much under your Chin when you’ve set yourself in a good Posture.

Pre-Shot routine
Developing a Pre-Shot Routine will set your body up perfectly the time you take and the way you do it will generally be slightly different for everyone but keep yours in place and performing it for every shot you play will ensure your set up is consistently good when you play.

See the swing of Professional Golfer Adam Scott below. Here you can see his left shoulder turns back to 90 degrees to be nearly over the top of his right knee at the top of his backswing. His hands swing up on a more upright line so swing up out in front of his chest to complete his backswing up above his right shoulder.

Starting his downswing you can see a lateral shift forwards but I feel you shouldn’t use this as your swing thought as yours was a bit excessive in your lower body starting the session. Your improved Posture improved your body rotation so feeling like your turning your upper body through the shot so your body height stays down as you’re turning through the ball.

Below the swing of Adam see your combined swing videos highlighing the before and after posiitons and swings. The proof was in the good ball stirking and improved accuracy and your main focus in making this improvment is your Posture as when stood better you had no problem turning better.