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Individual Sessions

For Beginners the tuition will focus on learning the fundamental aspects of the game starting with set-up and then moving onto the Swing, short-game, playing with the driver and putting . The rules of golf and etiquette can also be covered in our sessions along with assistance on choosing equipment, starting out you’ll be lent everything you need. I will introduce you to the golf course, but the emphasis is on you having real fun playing the game. Range balls during the lesson and any equipment you need to borrow is included in the lesson prices.

Leo’s Coaching will help you to refine your technique through increased knowledge and understanding of how your golf swing works. Your improvement and progression is viewed through video coaching and everything is summarised and sent to you by email following our sessions.

You can see the variety of packages Leo offers below, so coaching will provide you with the foundation and confidence to develop your game to optimum potential.

The Service is followed up with a Personal Summary

After your 1st session Leo will build you a Private web page within this website that can be accessed via a Password so it remains private for you. Leo will upload the notes, videos and any images to remind you of what you have learnt so you’ve got something to focus on in your practice. Following each session after the 1st your webpage will be updated with everything you learn so you can see your progress and remember what you’re working on. Click the link below to see an example of what yours will look like.

Individual Sessions

Package Sessions

Monthly Coaching Plan – £40 per Month

Improve your enjoyment & consistency to play your best Golf ever!

Some Golfers have 1 or 2 lessons every few years to try and ‘cure’ a problem but this doesn’t give you the opportunity to really IMPROVE. Golfers often look for solutions online and there’s 1,000’s of companies and coaches saying the same things differently and this Golfer won’t be finding the cause of their fault so using these swing thoughts the problem continues while trying to do a few other things in swing too.

The best players are not changing their swing weekly but making sure the very important fundamental principles of their game stay perfect and this is the key to consistency. Build your understanding of your own swing, what causes your mistakes and what you need to focus on so YOU IMPROVE. Build a strong knowledge and skill set for all the shots you need to play on the course to score well. Playing will be much easier with all the knowledge and confidence to demonstrate great consistency and therefore better scores when you play.

The Annual Package is a 12 month plan that will be set for you to reach your goals. The package offers great value but most importantly gives you a coach and plan that the best players follow to see consistency & results.

On this plan you’ll find out how to be consistent, how to stop your bad shot ruining your scorecard and how to actually IMPROVE. You’ll learn all the shots you need to play and how to practice effectively to deliver results so you’ll most importantly have a lot more fun when playing.

The Package Includes
2 x 30 Minute or 1 x 1 Hour Lesson a Month
4 x 9 Hole Playing Lessons with Leo

Lesson Notes
An online webpage Library where all your lesson notes and videos will be stored for your practice and referral

Alongside the lessons I’m always available to be contacted to discuss anything you need to know.

To understand YOUR game and have a PLAN FOR YOU to make the improvements you‘ve been looking for it’s £40 per month, including everything above and the chance to play your best golf ever!

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